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Reliable wallet that will not tip off about you, allowing you to remain completely Private. Use your Crypto the way you want, without an email or phone number.

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At times when almost every exchange is hacked and more than a trillion dollars has been stolen by hackers, when public "wallet companies" and exchanges demand personal data and documents from the holders under the pressure of tax and special services.
Rahakott remains independent, reliable and the most privacy centric wallet in the world.

It's time to take back your privacy!

Providing anonymity for Rahakott users

Built-in mixer makes it impossible to track your transactions.

All wallets of the service are deterministic.

That means, that a new address is generated for every transaction, which signigicantly increases the anonymity of our users.
Ability to work in virtual tunnels such as Tor.


Hacking does not make sense

All the data on the servers is securely encrypted, even the developers cannot reach it.

The only way to access your wallet - your mnemonic phrase.

Ability to set 2FA on your account.

The funds belong only to you.

About the wallet

Multicurrency - keep your funds in BTC, which is the worlds best hedge against Fiat Currency Inflation. Other popular cryptocurrencies will be available, giving you Privacy in a Multi Crypto World with reliable convenience.

Create wallet

Registration and wallet creation takes only 5 Minutes with no verification or documents. It does not require your email, phone number or even a password. A mnemonic phrase* is automatically generated for you.

* The mnemonic phrase is the key to your funds, the main thing is to hide it properly and not to lose it.

After registration and wallet creation you can gain access to your funds literally in a few seconds.

Why is Rahakott trusted?

All data is fully encrypted, not even the developers have access to your wallet keys or funds. The crypto transaction and wallet server hardware is kept in one of the most secure locations on Earth, and is protected by Armed Security 24/7/365, even better than a Traditional Bank. All network connections are anonymously routed and are encrypted using the highest standards available. Where vulnerable infrastructure is concerned, multiple key holders and pass cards are needed and the activites are monitered by knowledgeable security personal.

Friendly support represented by the developers of the wallet using an internal anonymous support ticket system that does not track you.

*Your financial privacy awaits

Rahakott is simple, fast and free